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Salvdor Dali: famale figure with head

Flaming Giraffe By: Salvador Dali
Hand with Globe M. C. Escher
Three Seasons By M. C. Escher

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Self- Reflective Essay: An Inside Of The Writer

All writers have both good and bad writing habits; I am no exception to this. I have a large number of good qualities as a writer and also a large number of bad attributes. Understanding one's strength and weaknesses as a writer is a good way to measure progress as a writer and to also see how I can improve. To grasp bad qualities a writer may have is just as important if not more important than understanding the good ones.

I see my greatest strength as a writer is that I have good ideas; I am inspired by expressions such as art and music. I love to find out what a piece art or music is really trying to say and apply to everyday life. “In this video Manson is basically saying that he is nobody because that’s all he can be in society and remain to be himself. Sometimes to stay true to ones self is parallel with being exiled from society.” This sentence in the post The Scream is not just a rambling mess of words. There is a meaning in this blog, the ideas that are being expressed are not there just for the sake of expression but the ideas in the post are seen in everyday life and go unnoticed.

Maybe my strengths could be described as a curiosity of understanding, allowing my passion to show within my writing. “The eye is captured by defining elements which is some what out of place; the stairwell”. In this blog I talk about how much one defining element can set the whole tone of an image. Not only the image but how one element can define a piece of writing as well; in this case the stairwell. The light of the stairwell is what drew me to this image; I found it to be undeniable and had to write about the light; the curiosity of what the light could be.

The other strength within my writing is the ability to speak about the emotions I feel while looking at or when reading something I find inspirational. “Looking at the image there is a feeling of peace, the colors are soothing leaving the viewer with ones thoughts. The lighting appears to be setting, bringing the eye to the horizon”. I describe purely the feeling within that moment, the first encounter I have with an image and the overwhelming feelings that enter my mind. I do my best to explain the emotion that run inside me as something truly inspiring engages me.

I have many weaknesses within my writing, one is that I have a very large challenge in terms of spelling. I have a tendency of not writing what I am thinking or even speaking. I cannot edit anything on my own and always seek the assistance from someone morethan the normal person. The next sentence is not necessarily bad but with proper editing it would actually make sense. “it is making the stairwell and its light source the most mportant element to this particular piece of art." All of these problems are insignificant. My biggest weakness in my writing is I tend to leave out important thoughts, which robs readers of a full explanation of my thoughts.

“The phrase the Lamb of God is a biblical reference for who takes away the sins of the world. The term in this situation is completely out of context in regards to the meaning of the song”. These two sentences are interesting and allow the reader to gain a biblical understanding of the song. I fail to explain how the term Lamb of God (who takes away sin of the world) is out of context within the Marilyn Manson song. If I would have explained the irony of Manson referring to himself as “he who takes away sin of the world” in a song that is talking about how society corrupts his words and sees him to be a Lamb of God, then the audience would be able to see that this is the complete opposite of what is really taking place.

There are many things that could be done in order to improve my writing. I need to gain an understanding of the areas where I have strength and also grasp the areas that are weak. I feel comfortable as a writer and am looking to improve my ability by utilizing this understating. I hope by doing so that I can gain a better feel for my style and my voice.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Rhetorical Analysis: Image of Room

Nothing is as it appears to be, through a trick of the camera the artist has provided a different perspective on a piece of art; for it is distorted and collective at the same time. This is not just a beautiful image it is a room with a distinct view of being shaken up; the image does not appear to be moving but the room itself. This form of art is very interesting; to take a room and form it into something beautiful that changes ones perspective.To take a room and mold it beyond a normal room is done to make a statement about the whole within an abstract form.

The art form that is used within the photograph is a form of installation art. The real focus of the photograph is the technique used by the photographer. The technique is what gives this photograph a unique perspective and allows the viewer to understand the meaning of the artist. “Combining the action-stopping effect of the strobe with a relatively long available-light exposure leaves ghosting around the riders and imparts a sense of action to this bike race photo”. (Kobre pp.127) The technique used in this photograph is commonly used to enhance or create action and motion within an image. A shot that turns out to display this motion is usually not purposely conscious by the photographer but are accidentally found between images. In other words this image is a happy accident which displays action within the image.

(Photo By: Dave Eulitt)

The camera angle is very important in achieving an interesting affect of these images. The majority of the images on the wall are out of focus. The camera appears to be moving, shaking up the wall making it appear as though it had never been still. By having this affect there is a point of view that nothing is as it appears to be, the room looks as if it is moving not the camera. This is the point though; to take an unorthodox room and to make it as though someone came in and distorted the room.

The placement of the individual pieces of art on the wall add to the overall affect of the image. Pieces of artwork are not just randomly displayed for they are set up to tell a story; to be a continuous collective whole. The pieces placed on the wall are only a backdrop. This is not meaning that they do not have a large impact on the overall meaning of this piece of art. Regardless of the sculpture the individual pieces of art have a statement all to their own. They are more unfocused than anything else in the image. Having them ask a question of what is art. Are the images in the backdrop beautiful or does it appear to be because they are placed within another piece of art.

The main focus of this piece of art is the white sculpture that can be seen in the lower half the image. The sculpture is not on the wall as all the other images are. The color contrast of the white compared to the brightly colored wall puts emphasis on the white sculpture. Once again the camera angle plays a large role in emphasizing what the artist wants to be emphasized. The angle of this picture was taken right in front of the dying flower elongating and focusing on the sculpture. If the angle of the camera was different then it would change the sculpture being the first thing seen and would change the point of view of this image making it appear to be completely different.

A door can be seen in the background which is very important because elements such as the door, the light switch and the ceiling bring the viewer back to tell them that this is a room. The elements set the mood giving a small hint to of where the image takes place. If you cannot see the small details then the image change from a room to a wall that could be anywhere. This says something about the artist, it shows that this image is not just random and it would take away from the meaning of the image to have the setting be in any random place.

The distortion within the image has an effect which leads the viewer to realize that something is not right and does not appear to be correct. The distortion of the image through the camera is what causes the viewer to realize that something is not as appears to be. Logos and pathos are seen within this image for the same reason but they are both looking at the statement through two different approaches. Logos can be seen due to the fact that the reasonable thought one would have when viewing something distorted is that something is not right; the image is not as it would normally appear. Pathos appears because the emotion connected with distortion is being unsure of what is really there.

The collective whole of the room is not what one would think of when picturing a room or even an image of a room. The wall is covered in images that could appear to be random,it is a large white sculpture that seems to be dying, the room being shaken makes one question if it was ever still. The image almost appears not to be right for this scene and due to the camera angle there is distortion. Also in contrast are the ideas not just the images. Not only in ideas also within perspectives; is it rare to find something that is both whole and at the same time distorted (falling apart). There are many things that are not as they appear within different mediums of art, and in everyday life; it is important to realize where distortions are and the affects they have on a person.

Source sited: Kobre, Kenneth. Photo Journalism The Professionals Approach. San Francisco: Heinemann, 2000.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lamb of God By: Marilyn Manson

The words of the song hold a very true and almost hard message to except. Marilyn Manson is talking about how being on TV allows an individual to be seen as something higher than" a normal” person; being seen as a god (higher figure). I find this message to be interesting because it seems to be true that an individual in the public eye is watched closely compared to a person who is not. It is almost as a person on television has a point of view beyond a person who is not on television which is completely inaccurate.

When said, nothing is going to change the world, regarding the dependency on electronics; ironically which is now taking over the world. The idea of holding someone in a higher status because they are on television is absurd. It is not wrong to see someone to be higher, to look up to a person if there is a good reason for doing so. Not just because there famous or because they're on television. I believe that there is hope for the world and that it can change, depending on how the world wants to change.

If you die when there's no one watching
and your ratings drop and you're forgotten
if they kill you on their TV
you're a martyr and a lamb of god
nothing's going to change
nothing's going to change the world

If you die when no one is watching is saying depending on who you are in the entertainment industry is a clear measurement of how the whole world will take ones death, because it will be broadcast to the world. If they kill you on their TV you're a martyr and a lamb of god, this statement to me means a couple of things; one being that someone can be killed on TV by viewers (no longer being in demand) or the TV being the thing that “kills” them. The phrase the Lamb of God is a biblical reference for “who takes away sin of the world”. The term in this situation is completely out of context in regards to the meaning of the song. I also think the statement if you die and no one's watching is also saying that one cannot change things without the ears of mass media. In the entertainment field to have one's voice heard (as in any field) the audience must be willing to hear what is said.

The song has an impact message to individuals for different reasons all over the world; considering the video has an impact on me and on the singer who lives in France. I chose this particular video clip instead of a music video to show the strong emotion behind the words without bright lights and flashy imagery. The expression behind his tone has an impact on the message. The meanings of the song are almost endless. The meaning will change with the viewer and the viewer’s experience of the song.

What is important?

The other day I was asked, what is important to me? This question is one that I have been pondering for some time; the answer is not one that is easy to come by. For there are so many things which distorts away from what is really important and what is just there. Is money really important to me, no not really, I would like money in order to survive but it is not what drives me in life. What is important to me is deeper than materials. Education is extremely important in self growth which I hold to be dear. As thinking beings we have our minds which is one of only things that is with a person for the rest of their life and the mind should be further expanded. Berkeley who was a philosopher believed that the only things that existed are ideas and minds.

Enlightenment is also very important; enlightenment of learning from another and as a response teaching them something of ones self. There is a large world out there and to start to understand this world one must first try to understand the individual people. It is people who make the world and it is the people who will destroy the Earth if they do not take care. Each person has an experience of life to make the whole picture of the world. In other words each person and living being adds to the experience of the world.

Beliefs are what most live for they are what people die for. Beliefs are what shapes lives, they are what can destroy lives as well. Everyone has a set of beliefs that is lived by no matter how different they are from each other they are there. My beliefs are self growth through knowledge, creating what I find to be beautiful through emotion, culture of other people as well as learning from people and learning about people. There are many things that I find to be important and most of them I find to lie within beauty for life. The beauty of the earth is a gift giving to life. The way in which human life takes care of planet is a direct reflection of human culture. To sum up what is important to me I would say it would have to be the beauty of life incorporated into emotion and the expression of that emotion to other people.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Scream

This painting stands for what society does not want to see; fear of something different. The figure in the middle is poverty, his is the struggle of the different, and he is what does not want to be seen. The man (alien) is seen to be less than a person. There are two upper class looking figures in the back; they are portrayed to be humans not aliens. The “humans” in the back are the ones who looked down on the “alien”, they are the ones who make the man in the middle to be an alien. The figure in the center is an alien because he is feared; he is not what society wants. The “alien” is dehumanized by the society he is within. He is dehumanized for the fact that he is not the same. Marilyn Manson has a song talking about the same thing, the song is the Nobodies.

In this video Manson is basically saying that he is nobody because that’s all he can be in society and remain to be himself. Sometimes to stay true to ones self is parallel with being exiled from society. There are many examples of people being outcaste for what they feel to be right; even as an outcaste one must do what feels right for that person.

The reason why I chose to tattoo The Scream on my back is because I feel that the different or even the feared need to stop being ignored and should be seen to all. The point to this painting and to the Manson video is saying no matter if one is seen to be nobody or an alien they well still continue to be who they are even if that means they are no longer seen to be human. I chose these images in the hopes that people can see that the differences are not as big as they appear.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Big Mac Attack!

The image is implying that the person who is on the hospital bed is there because of McDonalds and it is even more interesting that there is the famous McDonalds arch in the fading beats of the heart monitor. This image says a lot about the culture in which we live in. This ad about McDonalds says worlds about the health in America. The ad as a story focuses on the harm that fast food “McDonalds” can have on a person. Not that they well become obese or unpleasing but that eating from McDonalds can lead to death or “A Big Mac Attack” (heart attack). The main concept utilized is cause and effect, the America culture has turned into a country that feeds themselves in easy ways will come with a cost. The meaning defines this picture; the image is what adds the dramatic effect to the massage. The widely know McDonalds arch also has an extremely effective impact on the connection of McDonalds and heart attacks. The ad is brilliantly executed allowing the viewer to understand the message of the image without having to spell out the meaning. The ad does not come out and directly make the connection between heart attacks and McDonalds but all the elements of the image say just that. The McDonalds arch on the heart monitor, Big Mac Attack and a man on a hospital bed all point to the true meaning. The elements of the image put together blatantly state the meaning that is truly being put foreword; McDonalds will kill.

Sex Appeal

The unofficial Calvin Klein ad is definitely utilizing sex appeal. The manner which sex is expressed is more than appropriate for the American culture. The man and the women have both their tops and pants on. In this image the sex appeal is within the expression each of them holds in their faces and body language. To answer the question of if the ad is effective in sex appeal would be dependent on what is being sold. The name: Calvin Klein is attached to the image selling sex to the name (logo). The ad would be for Americans and living in America Calvin Klein is known for the association of their product to the name; sex. The main point of this Calvin Klein ad is to further make the connection between sex and sexuality through (appeal) with their name. The two in the ad appeal to the emotion of intimacy, they are both clothed so the emotion is coming from their body language and expression each holds. To me that has more of a true feeling of passion in comparison to if they there just half naked. More clothing in this particular instance is directing the viewer to the ideas of passion, love, and free will. Verses some of the other ads which portray extreme sexuality and some were all most pornographic. The way in which this image is portrayed tells a story of emotion through subtlety, more through the look in the models eyes and in the body language. The words are not overly meaningful; the meaning of this image is in the image and emotion behind the two individuals. Both the words Calvin Klein and Escape are only backing up what the image is saying on its own. The words are making the association of brand name, image and product.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Observation: Contrasting

There is a large open space with nothing more then the typical elements found in a park. There are trees, grass, and one defining street light. The eye is captured by a defining elements which is some what out of place; the stairwell. A light coming form underneath the ground, this light gives life to the scene. The way which these items are placed is very interesting considering there line up gives the photograph Passage by Philippe Mazaud depth. The stairwell is closest to the viewer then the tree behind it and finally there is the street light. This allows the observer to see the picture is not one dimensional; drawing the eyes backwards in the distance. The lighting is also a vary important element the black and white contrasts more than usual. The majority of the photograph is black (or a very dark gray) so the street light is a main focal point. All paintings/ photographs have a source of light, in this case it is coming from the street light. The street light is only emphasizing the other contrasting point, the light from the stairwell. The street light is highlighting the stairwell. it is making the stairwell and its light source the most important element to this particular piece of art. Another emphasized contrasting area is the horizon which is a mountain (hill) that is completely blacked out; in contrast to the lightness of the land before the horizon. This technique tricks the eye into looking where the artist wants. There is an overwhelming amount of black allowing the light to truly define the image. giving it life.

Reflection: Hope

As I take a step back and look at the photograph it truly makes me think of the one lonely light; which remains shining brightly in a hole of darkness. The image is over taken by darkness and the light is a sense of hope. Although it is surrounded by darkness the light does not loose its power but the power is gained from the hope that there is some form of light; hope, inspiration or driving forces. The image has a very powerful message; there is always more than what first meets the eye.
When all appears to be dark, there is a light that shines from the darkened point which is feared of being over taken by a cloud of dark haze. The light which I refer to is not only talking about this image but is also manifested in life. All appears to be lost in the dark, there is always a way to pull from the “light”, to find a way to continue or at least the ability to see that not all is lost in the dark but that there is also a light to stem from. I believe this to be true in this image (piece of “art”) and in life as seen in the image there may be more darkness but by far the light is the overpowering force from within. The light I find to also have an element of mystique; the viewer does not truly know what this light is, it is not clearly portrayed, leaving the deep meaning to the viewer.

Argument: What is a light?

The color pallet or lack there of is the first element which defines the point of view within this photograph. The lack of color only shows the image to be “black” and “white”. ( this is photograph is using the same lighting technique )

The image is presented to be a very harsh image despite the lights which are poking out from the stairwell and from the street lamp. This actually does not soften this photograph, it adds to the severe undertone of this image. The point of view which is seen in this image is that there is always a light on out there. If one looks at the emotion which is felt, there is nothing out there but darkness making a person feels alone and abandoned from the world. If there is a shadow of light, one defining point changes the emotional state from abandonees to feeling as there is something out there; a form of light. A park usually would not make a person think about these things but the lighting concept truly gives this image this point of view. The overwhelming black is fear, the unknown and what most people spend their life running from. The darkness is what is not wanted to be seen and very hard for most to come to peace with. The light is what is strived for; it is that thing that most spend their life looking for. The image gives hope to anyone who is striving for that “light”, for someone who feels as they only can see the darkness there is the light out there. A person may have to search in the dark for this light but its there. Even at a dark park which would be lost in the “darkness” if not for the light.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Reflective Essay: The Secret

In the movie The Secret there is one scene that stands out, truly defining the meaning of this movie. Many scientists are talking about The Secret which is the Law of Attraction. A young scientist starts talking about the law of attrition, he states very eloquently that we do not only become what are in our thoughts but we all so become those thoughts. The next scientist begins to talk; stemming off this idea his perception of the law of attraction is summed up as thoughts become things. These scientists speak of the same concept but have different angles. In the next scene thoughts are being measured in terms of a frequency. Thinking a thought on a daily basis is transmitting out into the universe as a frequency, a magnetic force paralleling back to the thinker.

This movie is about The Secret to life. The Law of Attraction is the underlined point behind the secret. The thoughts that one allows into the universe is what they areattracting. If a person has a positive out look about a particular situation then it is more likely for them to have a positive experience regarding that occasion. Thinking attracts what is in our thoughts. This movie The Secret truthfully has been stated in many different ways and in many different cultures through out time.

In the movie The Secret speaks of a man named Robert, he is a gay man who is constantly being hassled because of his sexuality. At his job his coworker’s gang up on him,when walking home he runs into homophobic people who harass him, and as a stand up comic he is the audiences punch line due to him being gay. One of his professors realizes that Roberts focuses most (if not all) of his time and energy stressed about what was wrong or how people will view him, because of his sexuality. Things began to change when Robertstarted looking at what he wants instead of what is wrong. After changing his thoughts he was no longer faced with homophobic problems after about a month. He changed because he started to forces on what he wanted instead of what he did not want.

The power of thought is more than ideas, these thoughts, can become reality through the belief that ones thoughts can or do impact change in life (physical reality). To most the idea of a thought changing reality can only be seen by witnessing the action behind the thought. The reality change is in the thought itself; directing force. The law of attraction
is seen to work like a magnet. The mind like the magnet does not see what is being asked for, it can only see what is being attracted the positive or the negative.

This movie is not suggesting that every thought that comes to mind can bemanifested. It is simply suggesting that thoughts should be carefully watched because they hold the power of influence over the things that happen to a person. There is an underlying thought to every thing that a person does, there is some emotion. That feeling directs ones body language, the way someone speaks, or even the true meaning of what a person thinks.

This secret is projected to be infinite, to be endless in the midst of possibilities. The thoughts in the mind attract things (objects) that are alike. This is basically saying that reality starts in the thoughts of wants and don’t wants. The more one thinks about a bad situation the more that situation is apparent. The more that situation becomes real will affect that person on an emotional level. The movie states that the feeling is what attracts, not necessarily what one is thinking. Once again the underlying emotion is what is projected and what is attracting.

When looking at the idea of placebos it makes one think about how that could work. Telling someone if they take this pill it will work for chronic pain (or whatever the medical condition) for most of people if they believe that this sugar pill can help them, then the uncomfortable pain will be relieved. The mind knows no difference between what is real andwhat is imagined. The same parts of the brain are working when thinking of somethingand when that situation is actually taking place. The mind has no bias towards what is seen and what is thought.

One may be thinking of what is the point to all of this. Why one should care or be amazed by these ideas. If the placebo idea is true then the belief that something can change our problems can also be true. I see this concept to be extremely important because if people could understand the power that they have over reality, they would be able to live a better life. The understanding the Law of Attraction will open doors of opportunity for personal change and open mindedness. The more a person focuses on having a positive outlook the more likely they are to have a positive experience. The way the movie explain it is that if someone is in a good mood and they do not allow an out side force to change, then they will remain in a positive state of mind. I have noticed to that when I am happy and interacting within the environment, I find a large number of people who respond back with that same positive outlook. The law of attraction matters because it could be a new outlook of finding or shaping ones life to a desired one. To some these concepts are often passed over but to others like me, these ideas are a way of living and an idea for life change. If nothing else, I hope that one can see how important it is to drive ones thoughts towards what is really meaningful. This is true when problems could be single handedly avoided by having a better understanding of negative or unsure thoughts within the mind.

The process is one that truly begins from within, starting with the feeling. That feeling, is no longer seen to be a feeling, but a reality waiting to manifest. There should be no second guessing but an understanding of what the mind truly feeling. The way that these situations (ideas) are supposed to come about is not the question of the wisher, but the universe shifts, working out the command (wish) of the feeling which can change with thoughts and ideas.

Some of these concepts may be difficult to take in or may seem to be just silly. This movie and paper is to help individuals take the power of directing emotion by the thoughts that are present. The life of an individual is up to them, the direction in which the person will go is dependent on the thoughts that they keep in there mind. As a society the direction of many people’s thoughts are focused on what is wrong or bad, only making the world look to be a bigger mess. In theory this movie suggests life is constantly shifting to meet the needs of each person. What is truth, what is reality, the best answer that I have found is that an individual creates there perception of what is true and real. If that is the case for each individual’s reality and if reality is a universal concept which is shared by all; then the true meaning of reality is the thoughts of individuals put together as whole.

Saturday, March 3, 2007


Art (painting) is expressed in different ways, with different meanings of what the driving force is behind the painter. Painting like all of the arts (dance, music, writing, ect..) is a voice of expression, a voice from within the artist. Expression is everywhere and something that I feel is often over looked. Expression is powerful and can be used to influence in many ways, including the way a painting is angled and the color family. Different types of expression will vary in form depending on the individual artist.

This pen and brown ink sketch by Leonardo da Vinci A Man Tricked By Gypsies can be taken several different ways. Some people see the men in the drawing to be ugly. Others see the gypsies in the drawing to be unconventional and beautiful. Da Vinci would take things or people that he found to be ugly and make them to appear to be beautiful. Leonardo’s idea of beauty is not seen by others in the same way.

Leonardo da Vinci Title: A Man Tricked by Gypsies

The idea of expression and point of view varies from eye to eye and artist to artist. Jackson Pollocks paintings are based on pure emotion. Some may look at his work and think that it is a mess of colors and nothing more than paint thrown on a canvas. While others think that his work is divine. He draws the viewer in by the emotion that is produced from within the on looker. This form of expression is from the subconscious working off the emotions of the painter. Allowing the painting to frame it self instead of having a set idea in mind.
Jackson Pollock Title: Composition

Another point of view that is commonly seen in painting is what the painter has seen in their life. Diego Rivera’s El Vendedor de Alcatraces is showing the viewer inside the life the Diego Rivera. He pulls from realty to form his paintings and to present his point of view. His paintings are true to life experience, they are not just ideas. Rivera‘s point of view is real and relatable, his paintings show the emotion of real struggle.
Diego Rivera Title: El Vendedor de Alctraces

The inspiration for painting changes with the painter as each artist tries to share a message. Other painters paint to release an emotion or to express what words can not. No matter the vision for a painting the true meaning lies in the mind of the viewer. The lasting impression and link with the audience is what makes a great piece of art. Painters paint to share their voice with others (what ever that may be) in hopes of drawing a connection between the painting and the viewer.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunset In Venice

This painting is a Claude Monet Sunset In Venice. The colors are bold and vibrant. Looking at the image there is a feeling of peace the colors are soothing leaving the viewer with ones thoughts. The lighting appears to be setting bringing the eye to the horizon. The single tower on the left hand side balances outs the picture adding contracts to the trees on the right of the image. One wants to know what the building is; a tower, a home, or just a place on the water. What ever it is, the building is the focal point along with the coloring in the sunset. The colors appear to be slowly fading off the edge of the page. This affect captures the lighting of romance that is generally associated with Venice. The image truly embodies the spite of Venice and the beauty that is offered in a Venice sunset. The texture used in both the water and the sky gives an effect that the ripples in the water are real and that the differing colors in the sky are setting in that particular order. Most of all this image holds a feeling of beauty and peace. Leaving the viewer in a state of curiosity regarding what is beyond the picture. Besides the emotion gained by looking at the painting the purpose is to allow the viewer to find the meaning within the image for ones self.

The Future Of Writing and Reading

The composure of the blog If:Book A project of The Institute for the future of the Book is very clever. The writing posts from the blog relate back to the title. The title works to tie each individual entry together. The site’s organization allows the blog to flow; each post adding additional meaning to the statement of the site. On the right hand side there is a link that explains the message behind the website. This link is labeled about this blog. The link shows that the creators of this site are trying to get across their point of view. This blog has meaning and is not just random post.

The writing on If:Book is thoughtful and useful to anyone who reads, writes on the internet, uses the internet and or does not use the internet. The site focuses on how the internet is the future of reading and writing; that the computer is a more effective form for these mediums. The writing is not one way it is conversational; wanting to hear the voices of the readers. Allowing the writing to be extremely appealing to the internet world being that the web is for conversation of the world.

There is only one video on the blog and that video is showing a great example of what the creators are talking about. The internet is seen to be the future of writing and reading along with other mediums of information. The video shows an assortment of different ways that the computer and internet can be used in a way that is beyond a paper and pencil. The blog also addresses the issue of how the internet laws will work when/if the internet takes over the forms of reading and writing.

My blog is not very conversational being appealing only those who know what the writings are about. I feel that my blog has a message but can not be seen by the audience because it is not clearly indicated of what that point of views is. The title of my blog tells the reader nothing about the writing. The only thing it is clearly taken by the title is that some one named Jenny Chavez posted the blogs on the site. The title should bring the main idea together. The title is the first thing the reader sees and provides an underlined point to the site. I could find a better way of organizing my blog, a way that can flow and show what the meaning is behind my words.

The biggest difference that can be seen between the blog If: Book and my blog is a clear focal point. Good organization can help the focal point to be seen. My writing appears to be random with no focused direction and stops short of providing a clear point of view. The If:Book blog does not lack any of these qualities.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Observational Essay: First Tattoo

Buzz, buzz, buzz, the sound of a tattoo gun. Ink Tattoo’s appearance is like most tattoo shops. The white walls are filled with large framed paintings. The front of the shop is set up with couches. A sitting area that forms around a table, the table holds the portfolios of the artists. There is a countertop which contains body jewelry behind glass. The top row of the jewelry case is a layout of navel rings. They are assorted by color and design. The next row is of gauges, they are arranged by size. In the back of the tattoo shop there are several larger rooms for tattooing and piercing. Each working tattoo artist has their own space. The noise of the tattoo gun is coming from those back rooms. The tattoo gun is repetitive to the point that the noise seems to continue infinitely. The rooms in the back are full of meaningful paintings by the artist’s. These are the rooms which the noise is seeping from. These are the rooms that hold the meaning to this place.

There is not may people in the shop, two men behind the counter. One of them walks towards the front of the store. This man is very tall; he has a mohawk which is a greenish color. He has no piercing but his legs, neck, and arms are overtaken by tattoos. His neck is a black and white piece. There are two pillars which are symmetrical in shape and graphic detail. These pillars on his neck are symbolic of Italy. That was the inspiration and place were the tattoo is from. He also has a tattoo on his leg of a character from x-man. This was the first tattoo that he has ever gotten and also the first one he has given. “Can I help you with something” Michael asks. “I am looking to get this tattoo on my back” I said. Michael takes the book in which the painting is in and makes a photo copy. He takes about five minutes examining the painting before saying “Yea I would be able to create this tattoo for you but it will need to be a full back tattoo, the tattoo will need to be as big as this paper”. I already know how big the tattoo would need to be but wanted to see what he would say.

The scream by Edvard Munch is composed of intricate colors which intertwine. In the painting the sky is a mixer of different shades of orange; light orange, red orange, and varying colors between. Along with white, off whites, teal, and some grays. The detail is complex for a tattoo considering a tattoo artists work with needles and not a paint brush. The few outlining lines are not even straight. The water is made up of different whites and varying shades of blue. There are also greens and oranges mixed in. Tattooing the painting The scream is not an easy task. Most tattoo artists would say that it can not be done. There are artists who know they can recreate this painting in the form of a tattoo like Michael.

Michael’s portfolio is extravagant, his color blending is unreal. The boldness and vibrancy of his colors brings his customers tattoos to life. There was one tattoo in his portfolio that is unforgettable. The colors in this tattoo are colors often seen in a pink sunset. They are ranging from pink, to purple, to vibrant blues. The tattoo is reflective of a tribal influence. The figure is wearing a device that elongates the neck. In the tattoo the figure also has gauges in the ears; the hair is all shaved off except for a small section in the back that is put up into a ponytail. In the tattoo the figure is holding a flame in one hand and in the other he is holding a staff with a head on it that has a bone through the nose.

Michael understands that a tattoo of a painting should not be treated the same as any other tattoo. Michael explains, “There is only so much of the tattoo that I can out line. The majority is going to have to be free hand.” He is an art fanatic so the idea of tattooing the painting intrigues him. “This is a great idea for a tattoo and I would really like to tattoo this” says Michael. He is hoping to have a chance to tattoo Edvard Munch’s The Scream. “The thing is if I do not find the right artist then it could end badly” I voice strongly. Michael is qualified, has been tattooing for sixteen years and wants to work on the tattoo. I continue questioning, hoping he will say something reassuring. “How much will this tattoo cost?” I ask. Michael says “I charged $100 dollars an hour. It is hard to say how long this tattoo will take but I am guessing about $1000”. “What about touch ups”. “My work is guaranteed so if you need touch ups they are free” says Michael.

Michael is a great tattoo artist. Some of the tattoos in his portfolio are inspiring by their beauty. Michael is a fan of Munch’s and would take it as an honor to work on the tattoo. In viewing Michael’s art I am not sure that I have gathered enough information to make a decision on having him tattoo The Scream. He has the qualifications to work on the tattoo. The decision is not finally and needs more investigation. Now leave the parlor and enter the parking lot, thinking of my decision I can see Michael and I can hear the gun all over again.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Randomly Selected Words

Randomly Selected Words: Acquisition, Bay, Compost, Discrete, Edgar, Fauvism, Gentleman, Hessian, idiomatic, Jacana, Kowtow, Lamentation, Magnetometer, Neutron, Objective, Pellagra, Quail, Ragged, Saveloy, Tetrode, Uncertainty, Venous, Worm, Xenon, Youth, Zoology.

Millions of users, billions of files Share files with tens of millions of Mac and Windows users around the planet.Whatever it is…… you can get it on e bay. Compost is one of nature's best mulches and soil amendments, and you can use it instead of commercial fertilizers. Best of all, compost is cheap. You can make it without spending a cent. The word discrete comes from the 15th Century Latin word discretus which means separate. It is used with different meanings in different contexts: All companies, foreign and domestic, are required to file registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms electronically through EDGAR. Anyone can access and download this information for free. Between 1901 and 1906, several comprehensive exhibitions were held in Paris, making the work of Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, and Paul Cézanne widely accessible for the first time. The term gentleman (from Latin gentilis, belonging to a race or "gens", and "man", cognate with the French word gentilhomme, the Spanish gentilhombre and the Italian gentil uomo or gentiluomo), in its original and strict signification, denoted a man of good family, the Latin generosus (its invariable translation in English-Latin documents). This article is about the German mercenaries. For other uses, see Hessian (disambiguation).The term Hessian refers to the inhabitants of the German state of Hesse. In American English, it most commonly refers to 18th century German regiments in service to the British Empire.Idiom is an expression (i.e. term or phrase) whose meaning cannot be deduced from the literal definitions and the arrangement of its parts, but refers instead to a figurative meaning that is known only through conventional use. Jacana Media is an African publisher, specializing in transforming complex information into down-to-earth, user-friendly publications since 1991. We are probably best known as the experts in developing educational works in the fields of medical and primary health care, the environment, eco-tourism, community and life skills, literacy, and curriculum-based materials for primary and secondary school sectors.Kowtow, from the Chinese term Kòu tóu (Cantonese: Kau tàuh) (叩頭), is the act of deep respect shown by kneeling and bowing so low as to touch the head to the ground. While the phrase Kē tóu (磕頭) is often used in lieu of the former in modern Chinese, the meaning is somewhat altered: kòu originally meant "knock with reverence", whereas kè has the general meaning of "touch upon (a surface)". With varied gestures, indicating individual degrees of sorrow, the women and John approach the body of Christ. Their gestures seem to pave the way for the most intense impression of grief, the embrace and gaze of the mother. A magnetometer is a scientific instrument used to measure the strength and/or direction of the magnetic field in the vicinity of the instrument. In physics, the neutron is a subatomic particle with no net electric charge and a mass of 939.573 MeV/c² (1.6749 × 10-27 kg, slightly more than a proton). Its spin is ½. Its antiparticle is called the antineutron. Objective (optics), the primary optical element in a camera, telescope, microscope, etc. Pellagra is a vitamin deficiency disease caused by dietary lack of niacin (vitamin B3) and protein, especially proteins containing the essential amino acid tryptophan. Quail is a collective name for several genera of mid-sized birds in the pheasant family Phasianidae, or in the family Odontophoridae. This article deals with the Old World species in the former family.To all of our customers and employees: Many have recently read of the auction scheduled for March 1st. I would like to assure you that this is just a step in our restructuring process, and that the season is not in jeopardy. A saveloy is a vividly red sausage served in English fish and chip shops, also available in parts of Australia and New Zealand, where it is also known colloquially as a sav. It is made of pork and is highly seasoned A tetrode is an electronic device having four electrodes. The term most commonly applies to a two-grid vacuum tube. Uncertainty is a term used in subtly different ways in a number of fields, including philosophy, statistics, economics, finance, insurance, psychology, engineering and science. It applies to predictions of future events, to physical measurements already made, or to the unknown. Ultrasound imaging, also called ultrasound scanning or sonography, involves exposing part of the body to high-frequency sound waves to produce pictures of the inside of the body. A computer worm is a self-replicating computer program. It uses a network to send copies of itself to other nodes (computer terminals on the network) and it may do so without any user intervention. Xenon (IPA: /ˈzɛnɒn, ˈziːnɒn/) is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Xe and atomic number 54. A colorless, heavy, odorless noble gas, xenon occurs in the earth's atmosphere in trace amounts and was part of the first noble gas compound synthesized. Popular use of the word youth refers to a person who is neither an adult nor a child, but somewhere in between, scientifically referred to as an adolescent and, in most English speaking countries, commonly referred to as a teen or teenager. Zoology (rarely spelled zoölogy) is the biological discipline which involves the study of non-human animals.The word zoology comes from Greek ζῴον, zoon ("animal"), and λογία, -logy ("the study of"), from λόγος, word, speech.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

First Tattoo

A tattoo is something that stays with someone for the rest of their life . It is not a decision that should be taken lightly. This topic should be researched in depth because of the commitment. This decision is a personal one, which should be meaning full to the holder at some level. In the research I plan on taking to as many people as possible (who can be of help in regards to tattoos). People who have had tattoos both done good and bad. Also comparing different artist’s and what they have to say about the tattoo I wish to be apart of.

The audience for this topic would be any one who wants a tattoo (for the first time), has a tattoo or finds them to be intriguing. For ones first tattoo there is a fear that the artist well be bad, over priced, or the fear of making a mistake in their choice of design. There are a million things that can go wrong when not knowing what to expect.

The majority of research for this paper well be with local tattoo artist’s. Who is reliable and how much will they charge? What artist would be better for color or for black and white or for detail? By looking at many tattoo artists I can find the one who is best suited for recreating the Panting The Scream. An artist with great detail, extraordinary color blending, and is capable of completing more then half of a back tattoo by free hand.

Needing to find a “tattoo artist”, I plan to put a painting on my back. Not just any tattoo artist could replicate the painting wanted as my tattoo. Leading to questions; what makes a tattoo artist great? What makes a tattoo artist qualified, time/experience, quality or both? The tattoo I desire is not a picture nor should it be treated like one. It should be looked at as a painting with little outlining. A great tattoo is not chip, takes a lot of time, and complete dedication.

This subject is a personal matter which will have to be researched in depth. I hope that I will be able to pull this paper off. Oddly the date I plan to start my tattoo is the day this paper is due; the eighteenth. So I will have all the research and decisions made before then. If there is a conflict with this topic I would like to write about a palm reader. This is something that I have always wanted to know more about. This observational essay will be compelling; this is a real topic that needs to be looked at deeply in order for me to get my tattoo.

When Science Meets God - At Play In The Unified Field

When Science Meets God- At Play In The Unified Field is a scene from the movie What The Bleep Do We Know? which combines quantum physics and spirituality. Questions that are addressed in the movie; what is reality, do I as an individual create that reality for others and for I? If I do create this realty then can it be changed? These questions and more are explored in depth in the movie.

The clip expresses how the mind forms its experience of reality. Showing how each person can form different views of reality even though reality is supposed to be universal. Reality is based on the individual interaction with the universe. One forms their life; they form their hopes and their fears. They are the one who structures there values, such as what is going too far and what is not going far enough? The way the world is seen is based on the way one takes in the world. To change that experience one must look at the world, look at what needs to be changed, then see how change can occur not as a thought but as a reality.

I extensively thought as to how this piece would be looked at from this online community, what the reaction will be. I thought so much about the reaction I asked my dad to watch the clip. Based on his reaction I felt great about posting this video. He had no clear emotion about what he thought; but it made him think. We sat and talked about self fulfilling prophecy. We talked about the reason we do not always see eye to eye on all things (my tattoo) is because we have had different experience which affects the judgment that one would have to a particular situation.

The content of When Science Meets God- At Play In The Unified Field is not quite whole because the clip is a scene from a movie. This movie explores the deep meaning of quantum physics and of spirituality. As can be seen from the video the movie is made up of the thoughts of several scientists in different fields. The scientists explain how thought can have a direct impact on reality.

Watching this clip at home adds to the value of the message. One can take a look around and see first hand that their surrounding is a reflection of created reality. Watching on the computer there is a personal connection because the viewer is forced to focus in depth on the video. A television screen or a movie screen is not as intimate with the footage as the one on one interaction with a computer.

The power of change is in a thought, the power to over come is in the idea to do so. The video is truly nothing now; it is the voice of perception. Beliefs is what truly separates one person from another, beliefs are the basis of all people. What is lived for and what is killed for.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


The smell of sweat and a darkened room appear to be moving; but it is only the people who are throwing themselves into each other. One may be asking themselves what is this that I describe, a mad house? No a concert! The Otep website is about the music and promotion of their band. The Band Otep is not like most metal bands considering their lead singer is a female who can scream. Otep speaks of change to those people who listen, hence the title of the website: Destroying Popular Culture, One Mind At A Time. Otep’s audience is international, reaching different individuals who come together for the love of a metal band. The website is mainly used to check tour dates and talk with others who are also infatuated with the music. If one does not understand a portion of the site one should be able to grasp onto the idea that the site revolves around a metal band. The love for this band may be hard to understand if one is not into this form of music. Otep is not a radio band, they use the internet for exposure to the public. The site focuses on showing clips of videos and music trying to get individuals out to Otep shows. All text that would describe this bands content would be heard through their music which truly allows one to understand what would drive a person to use this site for many things. Such as a communication device used around the world, a voice of politics, or an interest in music. Otep is more than a band for the people who listen to them, they are hope.

The Otep site is trying to find fans to join their site by signing up as a member. There is also a place on the site where viewers can demand a city for Otep to come play. Once again they are trying to build public support. The “demand a city” function helps find the cities with the most fans. Otep wants to play in as many cities as possible with audiences that are enormous. The lead singer Shamaya Otep is trying to communicate her thoughts of self government and revolution of the people, for the people. This message is the voice which she shares with the fans who hear her. The metal world knows Otep for Shamaya’s incredible voice and thought provoking lyrics.

This website is one of the few that I visit because of the love of music and concerts. Communication is simple between fans of Otep and of music in general through the internet. The music world and writing world is growing through technology and culture. Music and writing are both forms of expression; of emotion and the internet is just another medium to be used to present that expression. A web, a blog, or the internet in general can reach and change context of writing for ever.


Otep is a voice, a form of communication, and a group of people on the internet. The official website of Otep is a place that I visit constantly. Otep is a metal band, which is the basis for understanding the meaning of this site. The site is centered on Otep’s music. In terms of visual content the focal point is the eye. This eye draws the viewer in for several reasons. The background of the Otep website is white except for the intensity and the life of the eye; drawing the viewer into the center of the page. The color scheme of the main page is vague. All text from the main page highlights the focal points colors. The underlined focal point on Otep’s website is their new video.

Blog writing is completely different from writing on a piece of paper. The audience changes dramatically when writing on paper. The audience is very general focusing only on one type of reader. Writing on the internet or on a blog provides a larger variation of people who could be the audience. The internet can be accessed international with the possibility of the reader being open ended in terms of what kind of viewer there will be. A blog writer should try harder to make the topic relatable as possible to all kinds of readers. Blog writing is easier to engage one with the conclusions that the writer has made. Those conclusions can be shown by using hyperlinks which help to explain the meaning of the text. Emphasis can be put on a particular point by having the hyperlink at that point. Making the text visually different bringing the viewers eyes to that point. If the writer wants to leave the audience to paint their own picture first then the hyperlink would goes after the description of the site. For a topic that is not familiar to most, the writer may want to put the hyperlink at the beginning of the entry giving the reader a little more information so they are not confused through the whole reading. The Otep site places one of the hyperlinks on there site to emphasis the promotion of their new video by using a hyperlink on the focal point of the site. The viewer connects with the eye and the eye holds the new video.

The index uses links showing that the Otep site is only advertising one thing listed in general categories. There are only six sections which all are promoting Otep. The meaning behind this site and band would be the music. The genre Otep would be placed in is new age metal/ rock / experimental. The website is well organized but lacks the detail of traditional writing. Limited amounts of information can hold back from learning about a topic. With the Otep website I believe it was done on purpose. This way the viewers do not get caught up in labels and trends but focuses on the music.